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Self Storage Internet Marketing

Self Storage Internet Marketing Services

Southwest Storage Management believes that among the most important aspects of operating a self storage business, is to have a comprehensive internet marketing campaign. We believe it is so important going forward in this business, that rather than rely on outside vendors to provide this incredibly important service, we have learned ourselves through trial and error. This includes how to effectively promote self storage web sites, so they outperform their competition in the "Organic" (free) search engine results of all three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We see many self storage operators that have little or no real presence on the internet. Just having a web site is not enough, Southwest Storage Management believes an effective internet marketing campaign for self storage investment properties will blend the use of both free and paid search results to provide our clients self storage investments the best opportunity for success. Contact us today to see if we can help with your internet marketing strategy.

Web site Construction

Southwest Storage Management offers web site construction for self storage operators. While we are self storage experts not web site design experts, we can build you a web site using all the knowledge and "tricks" we have learned in building and promoting our own web sites. If you own a self storage property in a metro area and you don't have a web site that performs well in all three search engines then your self storage property is not operating at peak performance. A productive web site properly optimized for search engine results can not only help your self storage business rent more units but as the traffic to your site increases so should your occupancy and eventually your rental rates. New rentals are the lifeblood of this business, if you need more rentals contact us today for your free analysis.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Southwest Storage Management can manage your pay per click campaign. Pay per click ads are the sponsored results shown on the top and the right side of search engine results. When we first began using pay per click advertising for self storage properties, there was a steep learning curve and we wasted a lot of money. Now that we have experience in what works, how much to pay and even what to do with them once they have clicked on an ad we can provide a very efficient and track able system of using pay per click advertising in conjunction with our efforts to increase over time your web sites rankings in the free "Organic" search results. Contact us today to see if we can get your web site to rank among the first few for all of the keywords we are targeting in the three major search engines.

These services are all included in our property management services or we can provide you a quote for us to provide internet marketing consulting work, contact us today!