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About Southwest Storage Management

Southwest Storage Management is a highly specialized property management company. We assist our clients in the management of self storage assets throughout the southwestern United States.
With 20 years of successful self storage operations, Southwest Storage Management is extremely qualified to manage your current or future self storage investments. Unlike other property management companies, your company will be managed personally by our principals. You can be assured that your property is being run in a professional manner with the interests of our clients always being our top priority.

Our Principals

Jeff Cain

The Designated Broker for Southwest Storage Management is Jeff Cain. Jeff Cain has been involved in many aspects of the self storage business since 1990. He began, while going to college working as a relief manager for the family's first self storage property in 1990. Upon graduation, Jeff worked as the onsite manger for their third self storage acquisition in Cave Creek, Arizona. After successfully guiding the property in Cave Creek to incredible gains in both occupancy and revenue the property was sold, at a significant profit. In 1998 after selling the Cave Creek project Jeff took over the operations of their entire portfolio. In 1999, Jeff obtained his real estate license and began assisting buyers and seller of self storage investment properties. Starting in 2003 and ending in 2006, Jeff began recommending that the family portfolio be sold. He correctly determined that the pricing models being used during this period were significantly inconsistent with prudent investment criteria. The bulk of the portfolio was sold at the peak of the market with Jeff advising to sell the properties in below average areas and reposition in better properties when pricing returned to more reasonable levels.

Irby Cain

Irby Cain is the Broker's Consultant for Southwest Self Storage Management. Irby began investing and operating self storage investments in 1990. He has been extremely successful at buying distressed properties and rehabilitating them. He once bought a fully developed self storage facility with tenants in Phoenix for $4.00/square foot from the Resolution Trust Corporation. An avid golfer and grandfather, Irby now leaves the most of the day-to-day operations to Jeff, but does still conduct weekly site visits and is still involved in other aspects of the business.